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Live2D Model

Get your Live2D model in one go. Fully rigged and setup for Vtube Studio, ready to use.


Emote reactions

Spice up your stream with fun reactions, made to entertain you and your viewers.

Basic toggles

Change your look with a button.

VTuber Starter Pack

Get your essential streaming assets including your VTuber logo, overlay and emotes at a special price.



Model artist
Live2D animator
USD 1500+
Tracking software
VTube Studio
iOS / Webcam / Android
Model size
3000-4000 pixels height
Model animation
Head angle X, Y & Z
Body angle X, Y & Z
Eye, mouth, and breathing movement
Full body physics
Animated Live2D model files
Emote reactions x2
Basic toggles x2


Emote reaction
USD 100
Basic toggle
USD 50
VTuber starter pack
USD 200
VTuber logo by Nikdesign
VTuber overlay by Nikdesign
Emotes x3 by Chroneco

*Only available with purchase of live2D model

USD 250

*If you don't have the character design already

Terms and conditions

  • We will start your order after full payment.
    All payments will be made via Paypal invoice.

  • No refund request after your model is on progress.

  • You can ask for small adjustments within 2 weeks of delivery.
    Changes after that time require additional fees.

  • Major changes at the late stage in process require additional fees.

  • We animate the model for VTube Studio software.
    Model misbehaving in other software are out of our responsibility.

  • We don't do rush job.

  • We don't provide the source files.



Email us at with subject 

VTuber model commission | [Your character name]

Please include these informations in the email
  • Character name
  • Discord and/or Twitter ID
  • Device you are using for VTube Studio [iOS / Webcam / Android]
  • Paypal invoice email
  • Character references and description
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